Welcome to the Labs

CSi has developed a primary well-being training system that has become a cornerstone for developing people and organizations desiring to increase levels of effectiveness and improve bottom-line results. It maximizes an “action-sensory” approach to learning, resulting in greater capacity to remember, improved clarity in communication, and overall performance. Those who participate raise their engagement levels and remain with organizations and businesses, whose training investment has demonstrated interest in these individuals.

Whether you attend a shorter or more in-depth training session, all content is immediately applicable and is centered upon “well-being” for both the individual and the organization they represent.

Three important transferable cognitive skills are cultivated during each lab session: 1) Self/team awareness, 2) Realization, and 3) Sense-making. See our website for more information pertaining to this successful approach to learning and development.

Other Support Services Provided by CSi:

  • Assessments, Surveys (individual, team, gap, risk), and Evaluations
  • Research: Data Gathering and Analysis (marketing and systems)
  • Purpose Driven (Strategic/Secession) Planning and Execution
  • Balance Score Cards: Performance Management
  • Culture Enhancement and Teamwork Building
  • Capacity Training (All levels: Soft/Life Skills)
  • Continuous Improvement (LEAN or Six Sigma)
  • Project Management/Accountability Coaching